Scannell Developing “Cool” Cutting-Edge Distribution Center For Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream Co. in Wisconsin

Scannell Developing “Cool” Cutting-Edge Distribution Center For Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream Co. in Wisconsin

Two of the world’s favorite delicacies will be distributed in Appleton, Wisconsin – the site of a new distribution center for Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream Company and Nestle Pizza products. Scannell Properties has recently completed the 308,936 square-foot 20 below freezer/cooler facility for the pizza and ice cream storage as well as an additional 14,961 square-feet of office space.

Developed within a nine month time span, Scannell’s role included installation of the company’s racking system and all equipment. The cutting-edge ammonia cooling system is unique to the warehouse and office space.

Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream Company manufactures, markets and distributes a full spectrum of ice cream and frozen snacks and the company’s premium products are marketed under the Dreyer’s brand name throughout the Western states and Texas, and under the Edy’s® brand name throughout the remainder of the United States.  Brands manufactured or distributed in the United States include Dreyer’s/Edy’s® Grand, Slow Churned®, Dibs®,  Outshine®, Nestlé Crunch®, Drumstick®, Butterfinger®, Toll House®, Push-Up®, Frosty Paws®, Eskimo Pie®, Skinny Cow® and Häagen-Dazs®. The new warehouse will also house the Nestlé Pizza products. The new facility is located on County Highway N, north of I-41. With this new project, Nestlé joins the growing list of international companies that are establishing or expanding operations in Wisconsin, and because of the state’s pro-business climate, according to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), the state’s lead economic development organization. WEDC has authorized the company to receive up to $830,000 in Business Development Tax Credits over the next three years. The amount of credits Nestlé Dreyer’s receives is contingent upon the actual number of jobs created and the amount of capital investment during that time. The Village of Little Chute is also providing tax incentives for the project.

Tim Elam, Managing Director, Scannell Properties says “We are very excited to complete this complex and fast pace project for Nestle.  Scannell’  food and beverage division continues to expand our client base across the US and looks forward to helping Nestle and others with their future needs.”

Mark R. Hogan, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization adds, “Nestlé Dreyer’s had other options in the Midwest for this facility, and I thank the company for making the commitment to expand in Wisconsin.” According to the WEDC, in addition to the 100 jobs expected to be created by Nestlé Dreyer’s, an economic modeling study estimates the project could indirectly generate 66 additional jobs in the region. Those 166 new jobs could generate up to $1.8 million in state income tax revenue over a five-year period.”

Contact: Andrea Martone,, 917-929-0527