Doug Snyder


Doug Snyder
COO, Founder
Indianapolis, IN

Doug Snyder is the COO and Founder of Scannell Properties, and has worked with the company since its inception in 1990. Prior to Scannell, he worked for five years with Bob Scannell at Duke Realty Investments as the controller of Duke’s development companies.

At Scannell, Doug oversees and manages all aspects of the business, but focuses on two areas: the aggressive underwriting of potential deals by blending the customer requests with the current market conditions; and the creative solutions to Scannell's project sales or financing strategies. Doug says one of the company's greatest strengths is the fact that it is well capitalized, allowing greater flexibility with the company's exit strategies. Scannell's success is the result of a total team effort meeting and exceeding customer's expectations.

Doug is a CPA with a bachelor of science in accounting from Indiana State University.