Courtney Lehman

Managing Director

Courtney Lehman brings a unique combination of finance, construction, engineering, and sales to the Scannell Team. A graduate of Purdue University in civil engineering, Courtney worked for Bechtel Construction for several years before returning to Purdue University (Krannert Business School) to complete his MBA with a focus in real estate and finance. Joining Scannell Properties in 2005, he has developed many key client relationships while helping to grow and expand the reach of the Scannell team. He has actively been involved with over 6 million square feet of development in his time with Scannell. Since 2012, Courtney's role has shifted to managing the development and construction of the home office in Indianapolis. His experience, relationships, and management skills are a catalyst to growing the depth of the Scannell team while continuing to focus on the client's needs and the end product delivery.